For the Spicer 18 Transfer case















































































































































































Warn Over Drive & PTO Adapter
(adapter for the installation of a Warn OD and PTO)

Arthur Warn
Founder of the Warn Locking Hub

WARN "All Range" Overdrive
Install Manual & Sales Brochure

WARN "All Range"
 Overdrive Adapter

Koenig 58X, Ramsey PT1-J & Rhino PTOs
With Warn OD & Adapters Installed

Contact Herm for questions & availability

Metal Shaper demos a Warn OD Install Video


Willys Overland

Rear PTO Drive




Rear PTO Shaft Guard



Rear PTO Drive Decal
For a Reproduction contact Quentin Wyne


CJ2A to CJ5 rear PTO Shaft Adapter
This adapter can be added to a CJ-2A PTO Drive Shaft to work with a CJ-5



Spicer PTO shaft rebuild write-up
By Mike Myers a.k.a. lowenuf from thecj2apage







































Koenig Variants

Koenig Universal (CJ) PTOs

Model 10
(equivalent to the Spicer 18H)


Model 50 Twin Stick


Model 51 Single Stick


Model 58 Twin Stick



Koenig Pickup, Wagon, & Panel PTOs

Model 40 Twin Stick


Model 41 Single Stick



Koenig FC 150 PTOs

Model FJ-51


Model FJ-58 Dual Split Shaft


Koenig PTOs w/ Warn OD & Adapter

CJ-5 Koenig Model 50 twin stick w/ Warn OD & Adapter

FC Koenig Model 40 Twin Stick (remote shift) w/ Warn OD & Adapter


Bronco Koenig Model 66 PTO
For Dana 20


Bronco Koenig Winch Video



Missing a Shift Lever?

Spicer & Koenig
both use a similar shift lever design and one will fit the other for function
(has a forked base)

(bent angle designs a possible factor)

Spicer 18H PTO Lever

not interchangeable with Spicer or Koenig
(has a rounded key at the base)

Ramsey PTO Lever

PTO Shift Lever Knobs

Willys Truck
PTO Boot 918552 kit

Ramsey Dash Decals

Ramsey DP-1 Dash Tag

(Requires Adobe Acrobat)

1959 J-1-59 Brochure

1967 J67-3A Brochure

Ramsey MX200R Manual

Ramsey DP1

Koenig Dash Decal

(Requires Adobe Acrobat)

Koenig Crankshaft CJ
Bulletins Combined

Koenig Crankshaft CJ Ad

Koenig PTO CJ
Bulletin 555 w/Revision

Koenig 2WD Truck/Wagon
Bulletin 249

WO Equipment Book &
Koenig King 100 Truck Winch
Bulletin 858 combined

Koenig FC Sales
Bulletin 1

Koenig Sales
Bulletin 1160

Koenig King 100 Winch
Bulletin 2357

Koenig King 100B Winch
Bulletin 160

WO Equipment Book &
Koenig Rear Drawbar Winch
Bulletin 359 combined


Early CJ-5 Factory Cut-Away Training Aid
Koenig King 100 Winch - Model 50 or 58 PTO - WO Rear PTO



Koenig and Ramsey PTOs on a stock CJ-2A Drive Train
(with a Dana Spicer Model 18 Transfer case)
Study the images and you can see why the the lower drop in needed to clear the clutch pivot tube.


                 Koenig Model 51                         Koenig Model 41                       Ramsey Model PT1-J
                        Designed for CJs                                  Designed for Trucks                                    Designed for CJs


Other PTO Variants

Arrow Gear Model CJ 100 PTO


Braden PTO Model CJ 100



Monroe PTO Pump


Rhino PTO



Showa Aircraft Industry PTO
(appears to be an exact Koenig 50 or 58 Japanese copy
possibly for the Mitsubishi J-Series Jeeps)


Shute Upton Bisbane PTO


Tulsa PTO ?
contact me if you have any info on this PTO

4WDT-01 Twin Stick PTO ?
Appears as if a Koenig 41 & WWII GPA PTO combination yet it is stamped
contact me if you have any info on this PTO


Unknown Twin Stick PTO ?
contact me if you have any info on this PTO


WWII GPA Bilge and Prop PTO


Modified Spicer 18H
Crude but looks well put together maybe on the farm?




Ramsey Variants

Ramsey Universal (CJ) PTOs

Ramsey Pickup, Wagon, Panel PTOs

remote shift used on the Willys FC
short for 150 long for 170


remote shift used on the Willys FC
short for 150 long for 170

(Place Holder)


used on the Willys CJs


application unknown
chain drive is shorter (7" center to center)


used on the IH Scouts
remote cable shift from the dash


used on the Willys Trucks, Wagons & Panels

application unknown


(equivalent to the Spicer 18H)

Ramsey center pto provides power for winches or other equipment mounted in the bed or on the rear.


Ramsey PT-1 Rebuild Guide

Twin Stick
used on the Willys CJs


Twin Stick
used on the Willys Trucks, Wagons & Panels


Twin Stick
used on the Willys FC 170


application unknown
(appears military version of PT1-S but side twin stick)


Ramsey 105A PTO
For the Military M-38/M-38A1


application unknown 20 tooth gear

Wagoneer & Gladiator Trucks


Jeepster Commando


application unknown

application unknown


Ramsey Crankshaft Drive



PT1-J w/Warn OD & Adapter

PT1-T w/Warn OD & Adapter

Ramsey 2BJ Rear PTO Drive
(adapter plate required for CJ mounting)


Spicer PTO Variants

Spicer Model 18H CJs or Trucks, Wagons, & Panels

(used mainly to drive the rear W/O PTO Drive but there were many variations with different pulley belt drives and bent shift levers too)


                                   shifter has a split fork at the base

Spicer Model 18W Generator Drive WWII MZ Radio Jeep


Spicer Model 18 Jeep-A-Trench


Spicer - Dana History
Auburn Clutch Workers Pictured & FC Spicer Ad
























 Here are a few I've had in my collection


note the offset comparison in the model 40, 41, and 51


My Koenig King Winch with 2A Mount










My first time use of the Spicer 18H and the Willys Rear PTOs at John Ittel's Farm during the 2015 Jeep Rally running his rock crusher.


Steve Bovee's Koenig King R100J Crankshaft Driven Winch

Good Tech info on installation of a Koenig Winch and PTO can be found on Derek Redmond's 3B site

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