Willys PTO


For the Spicer 18 Transfer case




              Ramsey Universal (CJ) PTOs                  Koenig Universal (CJ) PTOs


Ramsey Pickup, Wagon, Panel PTOs       Koenig Pickup, Wagon, and Panel PTOs


                       Spicer PTO         Ramsey 105A (M-38/M-38A1) PTO       Jeep-O-Trench PTO


                      Braden PTO                        Rhino PTO                          Tulsa PTO


Koenig Pickup, Wagon, and Panel PTOs
Model 40 Twin Stick                    Model 41 Single Stick



Koenig Universal (CJ) PTOs
Model 51 Single Stick                  Model 58 Twin Stick



Ramsey Variants



                              Unknown PTO                      GPA? PTO                       Unknown PTO

                contact me if you have any info on this PTO                                                                                  contact me if you have any info on this PTO



Koenig PTO with remotes and Warn OD w/ Adapter


                                    Koenig Model 40 Twin Stick w/remote shift on a FC                          Koenig Model 50 twin stick on a CJ5 w Warn OD and Adapter


Koenig and Ramsey PTOs on a stock CJ-2A Drive Train (with a Dana Spicer Model 18 Transfer case) 


                                                             Koenig Model 51                              Koenig Model 41                           Ramsey Model PT1-J


Koenig CJ Manuals         Koenig Truck/Wagon Manuals

                                            (Requires Adobe Acrobat)                                                                        (Requires Adobe Acrobat) 



Here are a few in my collection


note the offset comparison in the model 40, 41, and 51



My Koenig King Winch with 2A Mount



CJ2A to CJ5 rear PTO Shaft Adapter

Spicer PTO shaft rebuild writeup

Good Tech info on installation of a Koenig Winch and PTO can be found on Derek Redmond's 3B site

Also on Dr Vern's Site


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